Short Story Writing Competition Final Results

It is with great pleasure that we announce the final results for the short story writing competition. Claiming that the process has been smooth would be an understatement as we have encountered a number of challenges, especially with regard to our voting process. We would therefore like to present our apology for the mishaps during […]

Short Story Writing Competition Shortlists

After a long and a thorough evaluation process, our judges have come up with the top ten entries. It is important to point out that after the extension of the entry submission deadline, we received quite a number of entries and as a result, the judging process took longer than expected. We apologize for that. […]

Short Story Writing Competition

The list of the top ten shortlists is out. Click Here TellingTales Press’ vision is to promote reading and writing not only in Kenya but also in the world. As a means to achieve this, we will be holding several writing competitions spread out throughout the year. Among many other objectives, these competitions will be […]